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     Frederick I Martin (Freddie) (November 1925- July 2006) was a Hi-Fi salesman in Philadelphia at Churchill's Audio in the 60's the Golden Age of music and the British Invasion, he saw the opportunity for a better sounding loudspeaker and founded Martin Speakers constructing handmade cabinets along with quality components.  His formula made his Martin Speaker a number one seller in France with a great reputation. The Academy of Music in Philadelphia have used Martin Speaker Sound Towers since the sixties.

     Production of Martin Speakers began in Paulsboro and Mickleton, New Jersey in 1964 and Martin exported most of his products to Europe. Seas of Norway a quality component company teamed up with Martin Speakers and proved successful in the 80's. The Signature Series, Gamma Series and the Transflex Series with over 50 years of production are known Worldwide.    

     Frederick Martin's son Michael continues the Martin Speakers Family tradition today!